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I often need to share a larger file with other people. The photos of last weeks dinner, a log file they need to check or that program I told you about. Sending the file by mail is the easy way out but doesn’t always work: mailservers remove possible malicious files and files of over ±2MB aren’t always accepted (no idea why mailserver still think it’s by the way).

Meet drop.io! Drop.io wants to give users an extremely easy way to share files of many types in a straightforward manner. You don't need to create an account, leave you e-mail address or click through ads to upload or download a few files. The only thing you do need to do is creating a ‘drop’, a space where you will store the files, that’s all.

A space can be password protected (but doesn’t have to), can expire after some period of time and you can choose the permissions on your drop. The whole thing looks very Ruby on Rails like, even the layout hints some Rails flavors.

I’m not claiming this is the best or only way (online storage seems hot these days) to share files but it’s nice that someone finally understands how to share files nice and easy.

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