Launching milkcarton with Lustro

A new home for our Mac OS X applications.

Today we launched a new website: (no longer available, archived version). Last year we started developing a small Cocoa application but got stuck and never got something “release worthy”, the half-finished program was waiting to be forgotten. A few months ago, we decided to pick up where we left off and fix the design mistakes in the half-finished app. Happy to release our private beta today!


What is this mysterious app? It listens to the name Lustro and is a small Address Book exporter for Mac OS X Leopard. It exports your contacts to CSV, tab-delimited or hCard files or overwrites your Google Contacts with the ones on your Mac. If this sounds like something you could use you can drop us a note as we are still looking for beta testers. Lustro is free and open source so there is no excuse to chicken out on this one.


We didn’t really have a decent home for Lustro so we decided to create a new website to host these little applications, frameworks or other bits of code we designed. That’s hop over there too and have a look around.