LazyPoken, a Poken auto starter

A tiny Mac OS X application to automatically open a Poken when connected.

Last month I got a Poken and wrote a review with my first impressions which I shared with the Poken team. They told me they are working on a new interface and OAuth support, great!

When you connect the Poken on Mac OS X you need to double click the HTML file on the Poken to open a webpage where you can approve or reject the contacts you collected on your Poken. This bothered me from the start, and I can understand it is low on the team’s priority list. So why not fix it ourselves?

Jelle and I had a coding day planned so this was the perfect little app to build in a few hours. Exactly one week later we released LazyPoken. Yes, it took a little longer than expected but we learned some extra CoreFoundation stuff in the process.

It’s a stupid little app really. You start it and that’s it. LazyPoken sits and waits quietly in the background. When you connect your Poken it wakes up and opens the contained webpage for you. That’s all, don’t expect anything fabulous but if you use your Poken extensively this may save you a tiny bit of time.