Published by Simon Schoeters

Lightroom to iPhoto export update 1.2

Download iPhotoExport v1.2.1

When Adobe Lightroom first came out I wrote a quick Lightroom to iPhoto photo exporter. The plug-in copies the selected photos from your Lightroom library to iPhoto. This weekend the plug-in got a well needed update for Lightroom 3 and Snow Leopard.

The new version is tested on Adobe Lightroom 3.x and iPhoto 9.x (the one bundled in iLife ‘11).


What has been changed?

  • The most important change is the complete rewrite of the AppleScript part, responsible for adding the photos to iPhoto. The old one was still depending on the Mac OS X Classic environment for which Apple has dropped support in Leopard.
  • Besides that it got some small modifications to work well with Lightroom 3, like support for video exporting.
  • Lastly, the plug-in has been translated to English, French, and Dutch.

Event names

Ever since iPhoto added Events I would like to support these in the plug-in as well. Today the iPhoto API does not offer a way to organize Events. It's high on the wishlist but depends on when and if Apple will expose Events in their iPhoto AppleScript API.

Source code

As always the code for the plug-in is open source and freely available. Feel free to improve it when you know some Lua or AppleScript.

This blog post is open source. Did you spot a mistake? Have any ideas for improvements? Contribute to this post via Github. Thank you!