Remember The Milk interface for iPhone

I use Remember The Milk, an online to-do list and task management application, to keep track of the things I need to-do as I tend to forget, well… almost everything. Thanks the RTM’s API the list of integrations with other systems is impressive: an iGoogle gadget, Gmail integration and Windows Mobile syncing, just to name a few.

There is an iPhone interface as well, which looks great by the way. Only one small problem though, you need a pro account if you want to use it after the 30 days trial period. As of yesterday there is a solution for that: my flatmate Jelle Vandebeeck wrote a great - free - iPhone interface for Remember The Milk.


Let’s give the stage to Jelle for a moment, shall we?

iFousa screenshot
Used with permission from Fousa.

Find it hard to remember your daily tasks? Wonder if it’s possible to keep track of them where ever you are? Now you can! With this application, you’re able to check your tasks everywhere you go. Well, at least everywhere you have an EDGE connection.

You can add and delete tasks on the fly. Hey, you can even complete or postpone them. Every action is handled by a framework that connects to the ‘Remember The Milk’ server. So nothing is stored by the app but goes directly to the framework.

I have been bèta testing his application over the last few days and it’s great! The official RTM iPhone interface has more features but iFousa is a great alternative for anyone who needs quick access to his tasks on the road, did I already mention it’s completely free? Give it a try and give Jelle some feedback, I’m sure he would appreciate it. The web app is written in Ruby on Rails but I suppose that’s no surprise knowing Jelle.

At work, I use the RTM iGoogle gadget in my Firefox sidebar or the full website but iFousa is my preferred interface when I’m not behind a computer screen. Thanks to RTM and iFousa I can manage (and remember) my to-do list wherever I want.

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