Sharecard for iPhone

Sharecard is a €1.59 app from Doseido that sends an iPhone contact in vCard format by mail. I browsed around on the App Store for a way to easily share my contact information when I meet someone. My requirements: fast, efficient, easy to use and a polished UI is a plus.

I couldn’t find a free app to send vCards and choose Sharecard for it’s good looking UI. Yes, I know, the iPhone OS 3.0 should do this out-of-the-box, fingers crossed. With Sharecard you can choose to include your name, organization, e-mail, phone, address and/or chat information in the vCard. I played with the application and sent some feedback to the author. The next release fixed some - not all - of my remarks. Here are a few things I’m still missing:

Let’s wait for the next iPhone OS update. It’ll include contact sharing out-of-the-box, making applications like Sharecard superfluous or read up on business cards with RFID.

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