A Belgian web conference

On Filip Bunkens and I organize twiist.be an affordable one day conference for like-minded web creatives in Leuven, Belgium.


May, 15th, Provinciehuis, Leuven. Easy to reach by public transport and close to Brussels.


We love conferences, no seriously, we love the inspiring atmosphere at some conferences. The feeling that you have to try this little gem or play with that idea you just heard or even better: the feeling that you met a ton of interesting people you want to invite for a coffee and involve in your next great web, iPhone, Android or whatever app or design.

One problem though: most of these conferences are way to expensive for normal people like us (@media) or too far away (SXSW). A few years ago the ClearLeft folks started something small and inspiring in Brighton, UK: called dConstruct. We are loyal participants ever since. As there is nothing like this in Belgium we thought it would be nice to have something similar closer to home.


This is the best part! I’m impressed with the line-up we gathered, have a look for yourself: Aral Balkan, Serge Jespers, Drew McLellan, Chris Messina, Elliot Jay Stocks, Brian Suda and Glenn Jones.


No plans on the 15th yet? Get a conference pass for €100 (excl. VAT) and say hi when you find the most stressful person at the venue.

Oh, by the way, the conference will be in English only. It’s how Belgians organize something if there will be Dutch and French speaking people.

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