Unlocked French iPhone upgrade to 1.1.3

Our French iPhones finally work in Belgium without jailbreaking.

We had “some” trouble unlocking our French iPhones before we could use it on a foreign network due to a software bug in the iPhone 1.1.2 firmware. The result was an expensive iPhone which we still needed to jailbreak, stupid and a waste of money. Yesterday Steve introduced the 1.1.3 firmware and Jelle took the plunge and tried it out. I’m happy to report it works!

I synchronized my iPhone and chose to upgrade. I didn’t switch my SIM card back the Orange one, so I upgraded with my Base (a Belgian operator) SIM card. iTunes downloaded the 1.1.3 firmware and upgraded my phone. I got an error saying my SIM was locked, locked as in PIN locked, not network locked so that’s fine. I entered my PIN code and docked my phone again. There it is my legally unlocked—non-jailbroken—iPhone!