Warehouse is now open source

entp, the company behind Lighthouse, open sourced Warehouse as you can read in their announcement. This is great news by itself but I wouldn’t write about that. What's more interesting is why they did it.

It seems normal: Git is gaining market share and other companies are creating webbased Git browsers like github so entp’s SVN client Warehouse is losing terrain. Most companies would highlight why their product is still better as the competition but not so for entp:

The fact is, we (and most of our target audience) moved from subversion to git or mercurial. Also, the Logical Awesome guys scare us. First, there’s their kick ass git commit browser out there that embodies the spirit of git exceptionally well. Then, they prove that they can do Subversion hosting better than us. Yikes.

“Scare us”, what company uses such words to describe the competition? Wait, this is only the first part. They don’t only admit that there is something better out there. They don’t only give away the source code for free, they also refund customers who recently joined:

What happens to the current customers? We’ll be issuing refunds out for anyone that’s purchased in the last two months (that’s as far as Paypal will go back). Anyone else that feels they should get a refund can contact me and we’ll work something out.

This is the kind of company I can appreciate. In the long run I think this makes them more trustworthy and transparent. A good move if you ask me.

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