ZooCamp Antwerp

Second BarCamp in Antwerp in two months, called ZooCamp this time: a BarCamp in the Antwerp Zoo (as you could probably tell). It has to be the most beautiful location for a BarCamp I’ve ever been to. There were around 50 or 60 people this time so it was a rather small event which was nice as I had a chance to talk to people I had never met.


Geomajas is a open source, web based GIS framework I had never heard of. Look at it as something you can use on top of a map (like OpenStreetMap) to present georeferenced data. For me it looks just like OpenStreetMap but with a way to use your own database which may be useful for companies (e.g. public utilities). This company can now share their data if they want or import third party databases. The idea looks promising but to me the installation procedure and user interface is a bit to cumbersome to get started with.

What I learned from organizing a conference

I gave a small presentation on the things I learned from organizing twiist.be, the conference we organized last week. The presentation sums up 18 points I have to keep in mind if we do it the next time and hopefully some of the ZooCamp attendees had a little help with these tips.

How to tame an RFID rabbit

Gil Plaquet demoed his Violet mir:ror, an RFID reader I was planning to buy. It’s a fun little device to play with, nothing more, nothing less. Gil showed the perfect use case for this thing: when one of the children comes home he puts the little rabbit (an RFID tag) on the mir:ror which sends an e-mail to his mom. For me it’s not geeky enough and the tags are way too expensive. One day I’ll make my own RFID reader which I can hack together as someone in the audience convinced me.


The zoo is a great place for an event and the sunny weather made it even better. Big thanks to Filip Borloo for pulling this off!

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