Happy 1st Birthday!

dConstruct 2008 is right around the corner: the Eurostar tickets are on my desk, the hostel in Brighton is booked and the advertisement stuff is ready (more on this later). dConstruct by itself would be a good reason to be excited but this year there is a little extra. Last year Fousa and I took the dConstruct conference date as the deadline for our new sites (layout and codebase redesigns). This site went live right before we took of for dConstruct 2007 (). Happy first birthday Suffix!

Between and 6917 people visited this website from 103 different countries. They generated 10691 pageviews with 12 different browsers (only 2 Google Chrome visitors so far). StumbleUpon is my most successful referrer with Flickr following close in second position.

Last year I published 30 blog posts or an average of 2.5 per month. The “Lightroom to iPhoto export” article is the most successful so far, “iPodia for Wikipedia” the least successful. I write most about Apple, programming and Ruby on Rails.

Anyway, probably not very useful for anyone but it’s just nice to keep around for myself and oh, happy 1st birthaday to Fousa as well!

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